The promise of Blockchain is to ease the friction and inefficiencies within a number of domains and industries. Focusing on decentralizing control or authority on certification and weaving trust into the fabric used to communicate and invoke business flows, Blockchain is having a significant impact on many domains and industries.

Swisscom Blockchain are working on active initiatives and projects in the many sectors and industries. Often with large consortiums or global multinationals, but also with inspiring start ups charging forward with game changing paradigms.

Financial sector

$17trn international remittance market is transforming. If your bank will be a leader a follower or a dinosaur will depend on how well you handle compliance and change

Public sector

Single largest paper based industry in every country. Decrease bureaucracy and increase trust in today’s processes with blockchain. See solutions at work that bring real results. Identity is a key topic to understand.

Life sciences

EU 151 brings a regulatory driver for supply chain transparency. Blockchain is more than just a regulatory tool. The move to outcome based pricing using blockchain brings the patient and the result in the front of healthcare.


New technology introduces a decentralized business model. Instead of the traditional top-down market with many intermediaries, blockchain links providers directly to customers and vice versa.

Trade Finance

If you are in trade or logistics, you should speak with us. We have finished solutions with NFC technology that bring transparency, increases efficiency and save money and time.


The provenance of the component assembly in today’s manufacturing chains is critical. Just-in-time has locked us into supply chains that are hard to change. Blockchain bring dynamic load balancing for supply chains with assured quality.