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Not sure what all the blockchain buzz is about in your industry and how far we are with real live applications? Start with this industry training and get insights into which areas of your business are impacted. You will understand what blockchain means for your industry and what solutions on the market are ready to use.


We are collaborating with technology leaders relevant for your industry, from blockchain protocolls to technology service providers. Dependend on your industries need for blockchain adoption, we will bring in and showcase the newest solutions on the market.


Section Learning Objectives
Introduction to the Crypto World and Blockchain Evolution
2 Hours
An overview of the evolution of Blockchain technologies with focus on ICO, Banking use cases, Crypto currencies & assets, and highlight how best to improve safety, liquidity, return and sustainability through current developments of Distributed Ledger Technologies covering a selection metric for suitable Blockchain Platforms.
Blockchain driven Financial Market Infrastructure
2 Hours
Demonstrate how Blockchain will help to modernize Payments, Clearing & Settlement, and explore suitable approaches to address concerns such as lack of timeliness, reliability and efficiency which are still pertinent. Showcase of a future crypto infrasturcure landscape, from payment channels to OTC cryptoasset swaps.
Fundamentals of cryptocurrencies
2 Hours
Deep-dive on public key cryptography, smart contracts, digital money, validation of transactions, multi-signature transactions, vulnerabilities, failure modes and common attacks
Crypto Currencies & Assets – Regulatory Landscape
2 Hours
Understand the KYC, FATCA & AML obligations for crypto related business with reference to regulatory views and framework developments around the globe. Explore the role of regulators & service providers covering fintech, sovereigntya and value exchanges.
Institutional Strategies & Regulatory backdrop
2 Hours
Focus on the approach taken by banking authorities and leading banks to extend services covering crypto currencies with discussion on holding risk and accounting challenges. The topic concludes with best practice on how to draft a communication strategy.
Traditional vs digital banking business models
2 Hours
Learn and discuss about traditional revenue models of banks and how digitisation and the FinTech indsutry is challenging incumbent business models. Explore the role of blockchain in this technology evolution of the banking and asset management industry
Decentralised crypto exchanges and crypto trading
2 Hours
Focus on possibilities of decentralised crypto exchanges and vulnerabilities of centralised exchanges.Insights into how crypto is traded on the market and long term vision on the potential of a new digital asset class
International settlement and remittance
2 Hours
How to use digital assets for cross-border payments, securities reconciliation, trade finance and interledger payments
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The Starter Pack will be held on the ground floor of the Swisscom Blockchain Academy Office in Zürich in Müllerstrasse 16. This will give you the possibility to interact with the Swisscom Blockchain employees during breaks and lunchtime.

Academy Room with the trainer Mark Lally

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