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About Swisscom Blockchain Academy

Technological moonshots have affected our lives in the last 100 years so quickly like no other human invention has in history. Breakthroughs such as the internet itself have changed the way we communicate, inform and transact with each other fundamentally. It has fostered transparency and wealth across the globe but has even brought us to dangerous risks like information abuse and overload, distraction and loss of privacy. Blockchain and Crypto are expected to have the same pervasive influence - for individuals, government and corporate institutions.

Distributed Ledger Technologies are changing the way how businesses operate and interact with each other. We believe that today ‘s businesses need to keep up the pace with this disruptive force and prepare themselves for ever changing business models and decentralized economies. That is why the Swisscom Blockchain Academy has set itself the mission to provide hands-on trainings and seminars featured with real live project experiences from the advisory practice and its partner companies and academic institutions. The vision for the Blockchain Academy is to become the major European knowledge hub when it comes to cross-industry and hands-on trainings related to distributed ledger technologies.

Arno Pernthaler
Head of Swisscom Blockchain Academy

«Change is the end result of all true learning. With Blocckhain you have to expect the unexpected.»


Upon completion of the Swisscom Blockchain Starter Pack, you will receive a certificate issues by Swisscom Blockchain AG in collaboration with University of Lucerne – Information Technology.

This not only boosts your skill profile but grants you access to the CAS Blockchain University of Lucerne with a 20% discount and 3 credited days. Guess what? The certificate contains a NFC chip connected to the NEM blockchain!




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