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05. August 2019 - 07. August 2019

Ethereum Developer Training (August)

In this 3-day Ethereum developer training you will learn the basics of how to write and test smart contracts. In addition, you will learn how to...

Technological moonshots have affected our lives in the last 100 years so quickly like no other human invention has in history. Breakthroughs such as the internet itself have changed the way we communicate, inform and transact with each other fundamentally. It has fostered transparency and wealth across the globe but has even brought us to cyber risks. Blockchain and Crypto are expected to have the same pervasive influence - for individuals, government and corporate institutions.

Distributed Ledger Technologies are changing the way how businesses operate and interact with each other. We believe that today ‘s businesses need to keep up the pace with this disruptive force and prepare themselves for ever changing business models and decentralized economies. That is why the Swisscom Blockchain Academy has set itself the mission to provide hands-on trainings and seminars featured with real live project experiences from the advisory practice, its partner companies and academia.

Foundation Training
Start with a solid understanding of blockchain and crypto fundamentals. If you are not sure about what makes a blockchain unique, what tokenized assets are or how smart contracts differ from a lawyers contract, this is the right course for you.

Expert Pack
Prepare your business for the future. If you are not sure how advanced blockchain developments in your industry are, what solutions could drive competitive advantage or what companies are offering deployable solutions, you should consider signing up soon.

Developer Pack
Built your first blockchain application. If you would like to learn the language used for new blockchain platforms and deploy your first distributed nodes on Ethereum, Hyperledger, NEO or other platforms, have a look at our portfolio of developer courses.

Corporate Pack
Prepare your business for the future. If you want to bring a group of people in your corporation on the same blockchain knowledge level to work together on use cases then get in touch with us so we can design a training or workshop for your specific needs.

Why train with Swisscom Blockchain?

Get the field experience of applied Blockchain from the Infrastructure leader in Switzerland

Real World Experience

  • Based on our extensive practical experience across industries
  • Content that is being constantly refreshed with newest use cases
  • Enhanced with product insights from our partner companies

Hands on Methodology

  • Interactive learning experience led by a Swisscom Blockchain expert
  • Focused on doing
  • Sand box environments up and running to enforce your skills

Enterprise Perspective

  • Blockchain evaluation with business logic & financial cases
  • Constant coordination & alignment to create and provide a selection of topics customized to your goals

Access to Crypto Network

  • Get in touch with the best crypto teams in Switzerland
  • Learn from the most qualified engineers from the crypto valley
  • Become the next best blockchain developer

Our Methodology

The most applied and real world blockchain trainings on the market.


We want you to come prepared to the training so that you can familiarize yourself already in advance with the basic concepts and terminologies. For that we will send you some documentation in advance and set-up a call with you to discuss expectations and personal objectives.


We provide the best environment and the necessary tools to make the best out of your learning experience. We will have interactive learning sessions and groupworks; plus you get the valuable chance to exchange thoughts and contacts with members of the crypto valley.

Live System Access

It is not only about learning the theory behind Blockchain, but also interacting with a live system to develop practical knowledge and test your skills. Take a deep dive into technical insights and enjoy the hands-on experience!


Upon completion of the Swisscom Blockchain Foundation Training, you will receive a certificate issues by Swisscom Blockchain AG in collaboration with University of Lucerne – Information Technology. This not only boosts your skill profile but grants you access to the CAS Blockchain University of Lucerne with a 20% discount and 3 credited days.

What our Participants say

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05. August 2019 - 07. August 2019

Ethereum Developer Training (August)

In this 3-day Ethereum developer training you will learn the basics of how to write and test smart contracts. In addition, you will learn how to...

Arno Pernthaler
Head of Swisscom Blockchain Academy

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