Securing Trust in Blockchain

You are here to see how to move forward with a blockchain use case.
You are serious about your idea and need a partner that will help you from thought to finish. We design, build, run, and host distributed ledger solutions for companies. Our team of engineers are some of the most advanced minds in the industry. We combine business acumen from top advisory firms with the deepest blockchain cryptographers and the infrastructure muscle of Switzerland's biggest and trusted provider of infrastructure. Stay confident, we will help you get there.

Compliance Services

Innovation and Compliance are two words that feel miles apart, we work closely with our compliance experts and regulatory bodies to ensure token offerings, digital custody and blockchain solutions adopt the latest in compliance, KYC, AML and much more.

Enterprise Blockchain

Delivering enterprise solutions to support adoption of decentralised platforms across industries. Leveraging a multidisciplinary team of technical and business specialists to offer sophisticated advisory services and drive efficient and innovative projects.

Blockchain as a Service

Developing secure, scalable infrastructure to enable organisations to move to blockchain solutions and tokenization. Ranging from Digital Asset custody solutions to managed services for hosting and securing consensus nodes and more.

Tokenization Services

Establishing tokenization services as new financing and funding instruments to support business growth, investor reach and access to secondary markets. Driving digital revolution while ensuring security by providing rigorous compliance services.

Coming up

04. November 2019 - 06. November 2019

Ethereum Developer Training (November)

We support the adoption and immersion of blockchain knowledge and application of decentralised solutions through our training academy. From theory to practice our we support learning and immersion of blockchain knowledge from basic to advanced.

Compliance Services

Innovation and Compliance are two words that feel miles apart, we work closely with our compliance experts and regulatory bodies to ensure token offerings, digital custody and blockchain solutions adopt the latest in compliance, KYC, AML and much more.


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About Swisscom Blockchain AG

Switzerland stands for trust, neutrality and security. With its long standing positioning to offer security and safety for international exchange. Swisscom Blockchain is leveraging this mindset to export the brand of trust in a technology that is bringing organisations and entire industries together.

With competitors coming together, we offer services ranging from tier 4 banking infrastructure to keep digital custody of information, records and tokens safe. Our teams work with agility and speed, focusing on delivering impactful solutions to the market that nurture the adoption of blockchain as a disruptive, but evolutionary jump to greater efficiency, speed and autonomation.

We are proudly working with innovative partners, who think outside the box to further facilitate the adoption of digitalization. And through this collaboration and our long standing competences in IT and ICT, we hope to shape the future… with trust. Learn more about Swisscom Blockchain AG

Blockchain for your Industry

The promise of Blockchain is to ease the friction and inefficiencies within a number of domains and industries. Focusing on decentralizing control or authority on certification and weaving trust into the fabric used to communicate and invoke business flows, Blockchain is having a significant impact on many domains and industries.

Swisscom Blockchain are working on active initiatives and projects in the many sectors and industries. Often with large consortiums or global multinationals, but also with inspiring start ups charging forward with game changing paradigms.

Financial sector

$17trn international remittance market is transforming. If your bank will be a leader a follower or a dinosaur will depend on how well you handle compliance and change.

Public sector

Single largest paper based industry in every country. Decrease bureaucracy and increase trust in today’s processes with blockchain. See solutions at work that bring real results. Identity is a key topic to understand.

Life sciences

EU 151 brings a regulatory driver for supply chain transparency. Blockchain is more than just a regulatory tool. The move to outcome based pricing using blockchain brings the patient and the result in the front of healthcare.


New technology introduces a decentralized business model. Instead of the traditional top-down market with many intermediaries, blockchain links providers directly to customers and vice versa.

Trade Finance

If you are in trade or logistics, you should speak with us. We have finished solutions with NFC technology that bring transparency, increases efficiency and save money and time.


The provenance of the component assembly in today’s manufacturing chains is critical. Just-in-time has locked us into supply chains that are hard to change. Blockchain bring dynamic load balancing for supply chains with assured quality.

Protocols we work with

Swisscom Blockchain AG prides itself in working with the best and the smartest in the blockchain world. We are protocol-agnostic and work with all the important protocols in the industry. Blockchain use-cases are as diverse as the industries leveraging its power, and not every protocol is suited for every application.

Based on the specific project needs, our specialists select the right protocol for the right context, ensuring high security, stability as well as the capacity needed for the project at hand.


The mother of all protocols. Swisscom Blockchain leverages the immense power of bitcoin to create ultra-secure transactions of value and notarizations of assets.


The Ethereum Virtual Machine is used as the go-to technology to create decentralised applications reaching from ERC-20 tokens to complex voting applications.

Hyperledger Fabric

In the enterprise context, Hyperledger Fabric is unparalleled in the creation of B2B applications - on the blockchain.

Hyperledger Indy

Decentralised Identity is at the forefront of innovation in security, efficiency and privacy. Swisscom Blockchain can provide advice both on private as well as public instances - being a Sovrin steward ourselves.


Swisscom Blockchain is one of the runners of a consensus node for NEO. NEO is a decentralised virtual machine acessible through industry proven programming languages and techniques.

Atlas City

Bringing cloud computing on the blockchain. Swisscom Blockchain works closely with Atlas City to create the next generation of distributed ledger technology, making the future of the internet a reality.


Secretarium is at the core of confidential computing. Allowing to gain insights in your competition's data without revealing the data. That's what it is!


SonoCoin is a public blockchain allowing the creation and transaction of digital assets based on sound. Swisscom Blockchain is collaborating with SonoCoin, stabilizing the protocol and creating powerful use cases for a scalable market adoption.


Swisscom Blockchain is collaborating with Corda exploring applications ranging from financial infrastructure to decentralised identity solutions.

Protocol of the Future

Are you working on developing the next big thing in blockchain? Let us help you become successful! Contact Us