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Swisscom Blockchain provides solutions to implement blockchain technology quickly and successfully for your company.

Blockchain advisory

Find promising opportunities and learn how to develop and deploy the best solutions. Our experts make sure your solution is seamlessly integrated into your system.

Blockchain crypto infrastructure

Swisscom is the largest IT infrastructure host in Switzerland. From development solutions to high-security blockchain factories, we can offer the best environment for your specific needs.

ICO advisory

We build and run secure decentralized services including exchanges and smart contracts for launching successful initial coin offerings (ICO).

Your advantages:

Highly qualified advisers, developers and designers

Partnership with software vendors and legal advisors

Years of industry know-how

Simple and fast setup, professional project execution

Adapted to industry realities

Private chains can be hosted in a distributed network in Switzerland

Secure, reliable infrastructure

Start building your blockchain solution now:

Swisscom Blockchain available for your industry

Financial sector

Simplify the identification of your client (KYC process). Also, adapting blockchain will minimise inconsistency between data formats and systems.

Public sector

Decrease bureaucracy in today’s paper based processes. At the same time, you can increase trust with secure solutions for digital identity.

Life sciences

More transparent processes increase the speed and accuracy of diagnosis. Blockchain principles make patient data more secure and help combat counterfeit pharmaceuticals.


New technology introduces a decentralized business model. Instead of the traditional top-down market with many intermediaries, blockchain links providers directly to customers and vice versa.


More transparency increases efficiency along the whole supply chain. In combination with smart contracts, logistics will become more innovative, trustworthy and secure.


Blockchain can track the whole journey of a product from supplier to customer. This increases quality and reduces the risk of supply chain leaks and fraud.

Swisscom Blockchain available for your industry